Final Project

For my final project I created the sample of a website, that would hopefully be developed in the future called is for people who are interested in working in the ministry part of the non-profit sector. At this website, after answering a series of questions, people who work in ministries or want to start ministries, have the opportunity to connect with other ministries that have similar visions or are more established, so that they can lend each other a helping hand. They would also be connected with other resources such as events in their communities, workshops, grant writing information, etc. It was important for me to break out of my shell during this project, so I challenged myself to talk to people, more than I normally would, and after speaking to various people interested in starting ministries in my community, I realized that almost of them said that they’d like to network more and find out about available resources to help start their ministries, which is why I thought Sprout would be helpful. During the project, I put together an actually list of resources that I plan on giving my friend who’s passionate about a homelessness ministry, which is one of my deliverables because the most important part of the project and the website is to get people who lack knowledge connected. I actually surprised myself because most of the resources that I found were through networking face-to-face with other people, so I accomplished my goal of breaking out more at the same time. I learned so much about what is near me, even though I’ve been living in the same county for 9 years. Another part of my deliverable is a flyer for the website, while it’s not as good as it could be, I would like to develop it more and the flyer would be handed out and emailed to churches, ministries, and resources in various communities because it’s important for people to know that it’s out there, it won’t work if nobody is on it. The last part of my deliverable, is the form that ministries of people would have to fill out when signing up for the website because it was important to me to use clear rhetoric, so that questions were efficient and not misleading.

Though challenging, I would definitely say that this was one of the most educational experiences I’ve had in a long time. I learned that not many non-profits promote themselves nearly as much as they should, though it’s possible that they simply lack to resources to do so. I learned that my own community is a lot more developed than I thought. I also learned that while I’m more comfortable being to my self, I do have the ability to network with others, which can be very beneficial.

I do plan on developing this project and making it long term after the semester ends. I have a friend who’s a great web designer and as a side project, helps young people develop their own websites or blogs as long as they’re passionate about them, for free.