Blog Post 8: Nico Gumbs

Last week we had Nico Gumbs and Heather from YAYA (the Youth and Young Adult Network for National Farms Worker Ministry). Nico is their head organizer while Heather is one of their team leaders.

They gave us a lot of information about their organizations and shocking statistics about some of the terrible working conditions of farm workers. It was very eye opening but good to see that organizations, like YAYA, are taking a stand.

When it came to their writing, I liked that, after taking a trip or volunteering, they have their team members write a reflective essay of their experience. I believe that writing with the intention of sharing an experience can be more impactful to a stranger than writing with the intention of persuading or informing them about something they can learn elsewhere. It reminded me of when Taylor, from After School All Stars, visited us and mentioned that if you’re going to write a grant, it’s important to get out there and do the work that will be accomplished through the grants. In the future it would be interesting to try reflective writing to capture people’s attention.


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